Preparation for Official Tests

You need an official proof of your foreign language skills?



Cambridge University certificates such as KET, PET and FCE are recognized globally. They demonstrate your competence in English at various levels from A1-C2.

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The confirmation of your English skills for a work permit or admission to a university, especially in USA / Canada (TOEFL) and the UK, Ireland and Australia (IELTS).

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If you want to document your proficiency in business English, then the TOEIC test – which is offered by the same provider as TOEFL - is the right choice for you.

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If you are planning to work or study in France, or move to a French-speaking country, these internationally respected exams are the gateway to a successful start.

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The official certification of your Italian or Spanish skills when applying for a job or at university; both are offered at different levels and test wide-ranging tasks.

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Deutschtest für Zuwanderer

The Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer A2·B1 is the right exam for you if you need proof of your language competence when applying for German citizenship. Integration courses end with this exam. But the exam can also be taken by anyone else wishing to do so in Germany. We help students with preparation for the test

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